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Eligibility Requirements

  • Alcohol and drug-free for 7 days

  • Able to submit a clean drug screen

  • No Psychotic Disorders and Dissociative Identity Disorders

  • Cannot be taking any narcotic medications

  • Able to meet financial requirements for deposit and monthly rent cost

  • Able to establish employment or volunteer for a minimum of 25 hours a week

  • We do accept clients on MAT

 Program Information

We provide affordable sober living for women to learn life skills needed to achieve and sustain long-term recovery:

  • We are a 12-step based recovery program

  • Supportive recovery community of women

  • A residential Therapist is available 

  • On-site house manager

  • Recovery support specialist 

  • Random weekly drug testing and breathalyzer

  • Residents are allowed to have their car at the house

  • We are close to the city bus route and Carrollton Green Line train station

  • Extra programming resources are available based on the needs of the client

  • Residents are required to work and volunteer

  • Weekly mandatory accountability house meeting 

  • Residents must have an AA or NA sponsor 

  • Family involvement is encouraged

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